Many penis enhancement brands recommend taking 2, 3, or even more pills per day to get the desired effects. If you hate taking pills (and most of us do) then you may want to look at the Vimax pill as an alternative. Why? Because with Vimax pills you only have to take one pill per day.

Why is that? Vimax used to be like the other pills in that they recommended three pills per day. But they were able to come out with a new formula that compressed the necessary ingredients needed for the day all into one pill. Obviously this makes it far easier to stick with the daily regimen (that is needed for best results.) For many of us (including myself) it's far easier to remember to take just one pill per day than it is to take one with each and every meal.

Think about it. If you are taking a pill three times a day that means you have to take those pills with you to work or wherever else you go. This is definitely not convenient and could actually be quite embarrassing. Can't you just imagine a coworker or some other acquaintance asking you "what are you taking a pill for?" Obviously you are not going to want to tell them "penis enlargement!"

When you have just one pill to take, you can take it in the morning with breakfast and be done with it. There's no bottle to carry around or uncomfortable questions to answer. Experience tells me that we stick with things that are easy to stick with and give on things that are difficult. That's why with any pill taking regimen you want it to be as easy as possible.