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How Sad Is It

Guys, how sad is it when you have a beautiful partner going down on you, and there is nothing for them to go down on?

Well let me tell you about a couple of guys I know, yes I am talking about real guys, in real life who, enjoy oral with their partner but they get so frustrated because they have two problems that stop them and their partners from enjoying a wild sexual experience together.

1. They both have a small penis which is below average size
2. It takes forever to get an erection and when it does, it won't stay hard for long periods of time.

These two problems led to other problems.

A lot of the time their partners will tell them that size does not matter, but deep down in their hearts these guys know that it does. It affects them mentally and physically. The depression that these guys experienced saw them unable to perform, not only for their partners but it was having an affect on their work also.

Their colleagues had noticed a change in them and because of the sensitive nature that their problem was, they couldn't talk about it. If, when they had first came to see me and I had known about Vimax and its herbal benefits I would have suggested they try the Vimax Pills for themselves. But unfortunately at that time I didn't so I worked with them as best as I could.

They did learn how to pleasure their partners but sustaining an erection long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse was the biggest problem they had.

One of the guys did end up seeing his general practitioner who asked him lots of questions. Even though he was still only in his early 40's his GP looked at him and told him that perhaps he was past it. Yes. he was past it even though his sexual urges were there and his partner loved sex too. You can imagine the effect this had on him.

He finally convinced his doctor to see if he was suitable for Viagra. As he said he had to try something because his penis size along with sustaining an erection when it finally happens was really getting to him. But sometimes even the cure was too much for this guy. The doctor's reaction, having to convince him to give him a prescription for Viagra and to top it off the strange look he received from the young girl serving at the Chemist (pharmacy).

This guy was down enough to the stage his depression was making his problem worse. Lack of sex meant that he was feeling like he was unable to perform. He was letting his partner down and he was not able to live life the way he would have liked to. The lack of sex and the affect it was having on him at home and at work.

The facts that are important here are:

  1.  His depression was affecting him socially, physically and mentally.
  2. Not being able to perform sexually was affecting his work
  3. Having to deal with a doctor who didn't realise how much not being able to sustain an erection and the issue of a under average size penis was devastating.
  4. Not being able to perform sexually was causing problems at work because his workload was dropping off and his colleagues were feeling it too.

Ok so some of you might think that not being able to perform would affect how productive you are at work. Well let me say this, it is very true. Studies have proven that the more sex you have the more productive you are at work.

After working my way through the internet in search of proof, I did find it. I found many people do say that sex helps with your work. Apparently the more sex you have the higher the productivity in your work or your business has been found.

I came across an interesting article on Reuters called: Sex Urged for More Productivity. This information came from an international conference on sex, which was held in strait-laced Singapore and if this wasn't unlikely enough, participants said they might have found a pleasurable way to boost the drooping world economy.

 "I have to agree with the participants especially when Emil Ng, sex therapist and founder of the Asian Federation of Sexology said, "that healthy sex lives make happy workers, who will in turn create a more robust economy."
He then went on to say that, "Sexual health is not just about absence of diseases or dysfunction.... It is about the ability to enjoy sex.

Ng told reporters on the sidelines of the 7th Asian Congress of Sexology. "This will improve the whole nation's well-being and productivity. When your economy is down, sexual activity will be lower, not because of sexual problems, but financial problems. This is a vicious cycle."
Experts also said that sexual myths rooted in Asia's diverse religions and cultures could create social problems that spread into an adult's working life.

 "In the Asian context, there are more myths and misconceptions surrounding sexuality which can contribute to dysfunction and family disharmony," said Ganesh Adaikan, president of this year's congress. Sex and the economy also crossed paths in the 1960s when "the Pill" gave women control over reproduction and heralded an influx of women into the workforce, they said.

The 4-day congress had a host of topics on the anvil--the "P spot," the "G spot" and other erogenous zones, enhanced Viagra - like drugs to cure male erectile dysfunction, sexuality after 50 and new dimensions of India's ancient treatise on sex.
Aimed at enhancing awareness of sexual health in Asia, the congress has been held previously in Hong Kong, China, India, Taiwan, and South Korea."

Well now you are possibly thinking what does this mean for you and the guys who need help due to their size and their inability to sustain an erection. Think about it for one moment. To increase the length and the width of your penis both these guys and guys who are like them need something.

You saw how having to visit the local doctor had an affect on one guy. He thought his doctor was everything and new everything until it came to something as important and sensitive as not being able to sustain an erection due to his size. Of course not all doctors are like that but many men feel that this matter is something they can't talk about.
It is time to sit down with your partner and discuss how you are feeling. Together you can look on line for Vimax Pills and see how they will benefit you. Vimax Pills, because it is a herbal based product is good for you and it will not cause you to experience the embarrassment of having to visit your doctor. You will not have to endure surgery that is sometimes painful if you are keen to lengthen your penis.

Once you start taking Vimax Pills, it will be 2 - 4 weeks before you start to notice a change. Your attitude towards life will change, your penis will start to change, you will start to see erections starting to form without much effort and your self esteem and confidence will return.

Think of trying Vimax Pills because:

  • Over time you will become more productive, sexually, physically, mentally and socially.
  • Sex before work can boost your self control
  • It gives you the ability to function better
  • It boosts your energy levels
  • Your sexual desire will grow stronger
  • Your partner will enjoy the benefits
  •  That blowjob will be wonderful for both of you

Guys, how sad it is that I did not know about Vimax Pills when these men were coming to see me. I have however sent them an email with a link to Vimax Pills so they can see the product for themselves.

Don't be like these guys and let the small under average size penis and the inability to not sustain an erection beat you. do something about it while you can. Check out Vimax Pills today and remember changes don't happen over night, but they will happen. Follow the directions and be patient.


"VIMAX Pills are 100% Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back"

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